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Your menu is in the "MyMenu1" folder. It includes the main JavaScript file "MyMenu1.js" and a few accompanying files.

Installation Instructions

  1. Copy (upload) the "MyMenu1" folder to the root directory of your website.

  2. Copy and paste the code [1] below where you want your menu to show up. This code can be placed anywhere between the <body> and </body> tags.

    [1] The code above consists of the two parts:

    1. The <script> tag adds a reference to the main JavaScript file "MyMenu1.js".
      If the page is located in a subfolder, use the src with two dots: "../MyMenu1/MyMenu1.js".

    2. The <div> element is a container for the menu. It includes the name of your menu ("MyMenu1") as an identifier.

Search Engine Optimization (optional)

  • The code below includes your menu links. Copy and paste it anywhere between the <body> and </body> tags on the main page only [2]. Search engines will crawl this code and will index all the pages referenced by the menu links.

    [2] It is not required to put it on other pages. This code is not visible to the users.

Helpful Links