Kirkhill Bowling Club Kirkhill Bowling Club
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Established 1983
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National Honours
2015 Scottish Gents Senior Fours A. Robb, J. Watson, S. Wilkie, A. Wilton
2015 Scottish Ladies Junior International L. Goldsmith
1993 Ladies Scottish Rinks   2016 Area Gents Senior Fours
1994 Gents Scottish Triples   2016 Midlothian Gents C of C
1995 Ladies League Knockout   2017 Area Gents Senior Rinks
1998 Elibank   2017 Area Ladies Senior Singles
2000 Midlothian Ladies League   2017 Midlothian Ladies Senior League
2003 Ladies Scottish 2 Bowl Pairs      
2006 Elibank      
2008 Hope Pairs      
2008 Ladies Senior Rinks      
2012 Midlothian Ladies Triples      
2012 Douglas Trophy      
2013 Douglas Trophy      
2015 Area Gents Senior Fours      
2015 Midlothian Gents C of C      
2015 Midlothian Ladies C of C      
2015 Area Ladies Junior Singles      
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